Bathrooms Ayrshire

More Than, Bathrooms, has the ability to design and install any kind of bathroom for any type of budget and style. If you are looking to design your new bathroom in the Ayrshire area, then make sure you get in touch with us first so we can provide you with a quote and give you some information on what can work in your space. There is nothing we cannot do in the bathroom design and installation area, here is what we do day in day out in Ayr and Ayrshire

Bathroom Installation

We can rip out your existing bathroom and install your new bathroom from scratch. Much of our bathroom installation work is full bathroom design and installation so you are in good hands with us. This includes ripping out existing bathroom, installing the new bathroom suite, shower, taps, sinks, toilets, plumbing, cabinets, towel holders, accessories including lighted mirrors, bathroom lighting, suspended ceilings and everything else you can think of – we do it.

Wet Rooms

Wet Rooms have become very a la mode in Ayrshire of late, we are installing more and more wet rooms in smaller spaces in the home to create an extra bathroom space to homes which is great for people with larger families as it does free up the extra space and also adds value to your property. Also, wet rooms are easier to manage and clean as they are usually simple in design and cost effective. Tiling is one of our fortes, providing the right drainage too is paramount in design in wet rooms

En-Suite Bathrooms

Create that extra space in your master bedroom or any other bedroom by installing an en-suite bathroom. If you have an existing en-suite bathroom we can update that space into the 21st century with the newest en-suite bathroom designs that are designed to fit quality bathroom suites into smaller spaces. Again, a wet room might be a good choice for this space as it is minimal and a walk-in wet room shower room is great to open the smaller spaces.

Walk-in Showers

Creating a walk-in shower in your existing bathroom is a great way to separate your bath from the shower and there are many ways you can create your walk-in shower. You can purchase an shower casement online and that can be installed or you can tile an area of the bathroom and even have a drying room so you never need to be cold getting out of the shower again.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are things like cabinets, mirrors, radiators, towel holders along with taps and other plumbing accessories, we can take care of these for you and give you some ideas on how to compliment your existing bathroom or your new bathroom installation.