4 Ways of Home Improvements at Less Cost

Home improvements project can be an easy way to remodel your home and make it look new. Instead of moving to a new home, you may think of improving the look of it and feel refreshed. There are some tips that can help in remodelling the house.


Paint the kitchen cabinets to give the kitchen a new look. This transforms an otherwise dull and boring kitchen to a fresh and new one. Select a bright colour to enhance the look of the kitchen. A light coloured paint will make the kitchen look bigger and brighter.  For a finishing touch, change the hardware too that will completely change the overall look. Cabinet hardware can be worn out and stop working well after regular use. Changing the knobs and handles will drastically change the overall look of the kitchen.


Replace the carpet flooring for a fresh new look. Old worn out carpets become thin, hard and dungy. They make the home look dull and lifeless. A fresh new carpet will not only brighten the area but also add new life to your home.

New faucets:

Change the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom sink. Old faucet faces wear and tear due to continuous use. Change them for a better functioning of the sinks. You may hire a plumber or do it yourself. You may get it from the local hardware store.


If you wish to feel good at your home, go for painting. A well chosen and executed paint will not only make the home look beautiful but will also garner compliments from the visitors. A well painted exterior will give your home a new look.If you are planning to set the home then painting the exterior will attract more customers.

If you are in Skegness and are looking for home improvements and kitchen worktops in particular, More Than Kitchen and Bathrooms Ltd has all that for you. For any improvements queries, do call us today.

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